What Is A Mental Illness And What Is Sound Mental Health?

A mental illness is the alteration of your psychological functions because of the invasion of the absurdity of your anti-conscience into your conscience. Depending on how much your anti-conscience will manage to destroy your conscience, your mental illness will have one characteristic or another, but all mental illnesses are generated by the same demon.

When you eliminate the demon through consciousness, you stop being tormented by mental health problems, and you become more intelligent and sensitive. Your dreams help you eliminate the demon existent into your anti-conscience by helping you acquire consciousness.

You understand your mistakes and the mistakes of the world. You understand what is good and bad. You understand why you must always be calm, and many other things that today you ignore or disregard.

A scientist wouldn’t feel comfortable declaring that all mental disorders are generated by Satan, which occupies the biggest part of the human brain, and this is why we have to obey God’s guidance in our dreams. This information doesn’t have a scientific aspect, even though it is a scientific truth that can easily be confirmed through many ways, as I already showed you in various articles.

This information seems to be only religious, but it can be scientifically explained when we translate the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, which I simplified and clarified after completing his research.

All dreams help you eliminate your absurd and evil anti-conscience, by showing you how you can develop your intelligence based on goodness and wisdom. You learn how to organize your thoughts and control your behavior. This is how you will safely stop having mental health problems and become a wise and sensitive human being.

The fact that we have inherited a primitive conscience that has satanic characteristics into the biggest part of our brain is a tragedy. I’m really sorry because I had to discover this truth.

Wish we were perfect creatures and we didn’t need to be transformed, but this is not the case.

Unfortunately, we are demons with a tiny human conscience that must be developed. There are more than too many satanic characteristics in our behavior, and our world is characterized by terror, immorality, violence, poverty, hypocrisy, and indifference. We are as cruel as the Roman gladiators.

In order to stop having mental health problems and find sound mental health that lasts forever, we have to attain sanctity.

This is a difficult process, but God helps us all the way with the information He gives us in our dreams and with the lessons we have in our religion.

You must stop considering the intention to attain sanctity as if it was too difficult because it is indispensable for the maintenance of your mental health.

You have the privilege to learn what I could discover because I trusted God’s guidance in my dreams. This information is scientific because my dreams were translated according to Carl Jung’s scientific method of dream interpretation, even though the messages contained in these dreams cannot be verified based on the requirements of today’s science.

Source by Christina Sponias

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