Image is Everything! (MHM-Mental Health Matters)

The image you have of yourself is everything. If your image is that of a worthless bum, then you are going to more likely be an ineffective person in life and you need to turn the picture round and get a picture of success and well being, as you can be what you want and if you see yourself as a negative person it will be very hard to get anything done.

What you need to do is have a positive image of yourself, then we can move forward with the building of the perfect you. So the image you have of yourself needs to be a positive one and you need to be able to see things that are yet to be. To see the future and to mold and shape it in any form that you so need to get to where it is that you want to go. See yourself buying the new house, see yourself getting the new job and continues to build you up in a very positive way.

Slowly the picture will start to change and since you saw that new job and new car and the pack of cigarettes thrown out the window, you now have that much more of a chance to get these things as you have planted the seeds that you need to bring the thought to the next level and that is reality, continue to think about what car you want and what kind of house you want and what color you want in each room, because when you see these things over and over and over again the closer you are to seeing them happen and happen they will, with a little help from your imagination the minds most powerful tool.

It can bring a dream into a reality and that is what I mean buy positive image and seeing things that are yet to be, and holding on to them until you are changed and your future seems to start to become different and the results start to come in as it was the first thought of your imagination that made it all so clear. Holding on to whom and what you want to be is important also.

Be the husband that you want, see yourself helping your wife out around the house, sees yourself playing with your kids as the great dad that you want to be. See the image of yourself getting more and more positive as the days roll on. You really can shape up your image with thought it is so true. Think of the stuff you want and see yourself doing whatever it is that you need to get there and continue on until you start to see results and that will in turn have a greater effect on your image it will be like a giant snowball rolling down a big hill, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger as it goes farther and father down until it is so big that you can’t believe how huge it’s gotten.

That can be just like your image as you slowly continue to build it up and up as the things start to change and before you know it you have a huge snowball or in this case your image is grand as there is now nothing that you can’t do! This won’t happen overnight but if you keep the right image of yourself you shall soon see the difference and all shall become clear as your future UN folds unto another successful year.

Take it day by day and if something does not work out continue to see the picture until you start to see results you want and results are all that you need to start the snow ball rolling down that giant hills we call life and once you see it begin to hold on to the positive picture of yourself and keep all your dreams near as they all shall start to come into focus, things will start to become clear as the snowball gets bigger year after year.

When you have a giant snowball and your dreams are now free to develop unto all that maybe, the problem with your image is now just a dream, a dream of the past far away it may be as your image is rock solid not just dreams. Dreams have become reality as now you can see that all along all you needed was your image to be set free.

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Source by Arthur Buchanan

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