How to Build Your Own Medicine Ball Out of Scraps, Sand, and Duct Tape

By now you probably know that med balls are a great tool to use in your workouts. You can do complex training, make bodyweight calisthenics harder, complete intense cardio workouts, and even build awesome athletes with them. So time to get a med ball, right?

Holy cow they can be expensive. And there’s a ton to choose from. Regular sized ones (like a basketball). Big ones (like a beach ball). Little ones (like a softball). Ones that bounce. Ones that don’t bounce. Light ones (2-3 pounds). Regular weight ones (~10 pounds). Super heavy ones (40-60+ pounds).

And the price – holy cow. How can a freakin’ ball cost in the hundreds of dollars?

Well, let’s forget all that and just build our own. It’s easy, simple, and should set you back under $20.

You’re going to need an old ball (basketball is good, or you could use a soccer ball, volleyball, or whatever, but a basketball will likely have the best grip). You’ll also need a knife, a funnel, sand or gravel, epoxy glue, and duct tape.

First, cut an “X” in the ball with the knife. Stick the funnel in the “X”, and fill the ball with sand or gravel. Let the sand/gravel settle a bit, or even bounce the ball lightly to help it settle. Finish filling the ball and pullt he funnel out.

The flaps of the “X” should be back where they started, leaving just the “X” itself. Use the epoxy to glue the “X” back shut again. Let dry for as long as needed. Now, take duct tape, and wrap around the “X” all the way around the ball. Wrap along one side of the “X” all the way around, then the other side. When you’re done, the ball should look like it has a giant plus sign duct-taped all the way around it.

Depending on the size of the ball, what you packed into it, and how tightly you packed it, your ball should weigh roughly 17-21 pounds, and is ready for any abuse you’re ready to dish out to it!

Source by Matt Wiggins

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