Defending Mental Health: Six Steps to Save Your Mental Health

Sound mentality is the main condition to keep one’s personality and one’s family even one’s society safe and sound. It is as important as breathing is for life. people come in this world with a very sound and simple mentality. But the harsh reality of the world makes a child to think too much about many more things. He don’t know what he should think about or what not. Gradually he becomes a youthful beauty of the nature. This is almost the starting point of getting abnormality step by step. there are few vital reasons for this problem. Before starting about the Six step let us see what problems we suffer from this mental complexity…

There are too much problems in this sphere. Some of them are: excessive anger, lack of morality, sexual perversity, doubt in every sphere, confusing conduct, out of reality, complex living system, hatred to mankind, reluctant to life and so on.These problems have too many names clinically. For example: mental disorder, anxiety, phobia, obsession, depression and so on. The most dangerous problem is the ‘Tendency of suicide’ and we see that too many suicides are committed now-a-days.

Now it is time to detect the most powerful reasons of mental illness and solution of these problems.

Six steps to keep the mentality out of danger. The first three to be avoided and next three to be obeyed:-

1. Over thinking

2. Over emotion

3. Negative doings and laziness (irrationality)

Next three steps are:

1. Religion

2. Responsibility

3. Awareness of all things (balanced food, exercise, amusement etc.)

These are the main keys to be mentally fit as well as happy forever. If one maintains those rules will not be in illness most probably (mental illness). There may be some exceptions in rare spheres. However, “Result goes after Doings” is more important to be mentioned. Besides there are many more tips provided by the doctors, should be followed. I hope this article will be helpful.

Mentality of human being is very complex side of the word. We should be happy thinking that we are protected by nature. So we should not think too much of the mental position, because over thinking is to be avoided (it calls an anonymous illness of mind). But being aware of the vulnerable side of mentality one can easily stay calm and safe. Smile right now and say… “I am really happy now.”

Source by Nafiuzzaman Rony

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