Aerobic Exercise in the Martial Arts

Aerobic exercise – an important training tool for martial artists.

Generally, physical activity is safe for most people. In some cases it is important to get an from your Doctor before you exercise. If you have health issues or are over 45 years of age and want to take martial arts classes, see your Doctor before signing up.

Taekwondo training offers an excellent aerobic workout. This martial art emphasizes kicking techniques as well as punching techniques. Kicking is 70% and punching is 30% of the typical Taekwondo workout. During my 28 years in the martial arts and my association with Olympic class Taekwondo athletes, aerobic exercise is paramount to a solid training regimen. Virtually every athletic sport requires stamina. Aerobic exercise helps develop strength and endurance. If you are over 45 years of age and you begin martial arts training, build your stamina at a moderate pace and work up to your maximum slowly.

In my martial arts classes our students start out with stretching exercises. This prepares them for the punching and kicking drills of Taekwondo training. Stretching reduces the possibility of injuring muscles, ligaments and tendons. After everyone is stretched and warmed up we move on to kicking, punching and blocking drills. During a typical Taekwondo class you repeatedly move large muscles in your arms (punching drills), legs and hips (kicking drills).

Here are some of the benefits of regular intervals of aerobic exercise:

o The heart enlarges.

o The heart increases its blood stroke volume.

o Resting heart rate slows, less than 60 beats per minute indicates good physical fitness

o Oxygen is used more efficiently resulting in increased fat burning during exercise

o Increased endurance

o Lower blood pressure

o Reduced risks in developing diabetes and other diseases

o Increase in good cholesterol, decrease in bad cholesterol

o Faster recovery after exercise

o More efficient cardiovascular system

o A positive body composition change, more muscle and less fat

As you can see, aerobic exercise improves the body functions and helps you become healthier.

As a senior citizen, I find that in between Taekwondo workouts a two mile walk at a brisk pace is an easy low impact aerobic exercise that is fairly easy to do. You can walk outdoors or on a treadmill if you have one. Either way, find a comfortable pace and increase it gradually.

Whether you are a Taekwondo athlete training for full contact competition or someone who simply enjoys this martial art, the aerobic workout that Taekwondo training provides can be very beneficial to your health.

Source by David E Kozlowski

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