3 Techniques to Help You Sculpt an Amazing Body at Home With Dumbbell and Bodyweight Cardio

I hate steady state cardio. It’s just plain boring. It may or may not work, but the bottom line is if something is boring, I won’t want to do it. So the key to achieving your goals – whether they be fat loss or general heart and lung health – is to find something that is exciting and challenging.

A more exciting, challenging, and effective workout is to perform fast paced bodyweight and dumbbell exercises. The key is to keep your heart rate up during your workouts. After all, isn’t that what cardio is supposed to be?

Here’s a few sample techniques you can use to design your own high intensity “cardio” workouts:

Technique #1: Interval Circuits

  • Choose 1-2 Bodyweight Exercises
  • Choose 1-2 Dumbbell Exercises
  • Choose a Work Interval (20-60 seconds)
  • Choose a Rest Interval (10-60 seconds)

Instructions: Perform an exercise for the chosen work interval. Once that interval is completed move onto the next exercise immediately, without rest, and perform it for the chose time period. After all exercises are completed, then rest for the chose rest interval. Repeat as desired.

Technique #2: Descending Reps

  • Choose 1 Bodyweight Exercise
  • Choose 1 Dumbbell Exercise

Instructions: Alternate between a bodyweight and dumbbell exercise. After each round, reduce the number of repetitions you perform for each exercise by 1-3 repetitions. Perform as many rounds as you like.

Technique #3: Trisets

  • Choose 2 Bodyweight Exercises
  • Choose 1 Dumbbell Exercise

Instructions: Perform all three exercises back to back with little to no rest in between each set. At the end of the triset, you may rest if you wish. Perform as many rounds as you like.

Use these three high intensity techniques to design some challenging bodyweight and dumbbell “cardio” workouts. Good luck with your training!

– Parth Shah, Average Joe – Fitness Enthusiast

Source by Parth Shah

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